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Nick Pemberton is a software developer, living in the Beaches area of Toronto. He and his wife Shelley Spence have three children: William, Alec, and Rachel. Nick grew up in Toronto, but travelled west to attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where he met Shelley. They spent ten years working and travelling around the world before having children, and it is these adventures, meeting so many people and cultures, along with Nick’s family of artists (his mother and grandfather are writers, his aunt is an accomplished actress, his father is a realist painter, and his siblings are all in the arts) that inspired his first novel.

While the overall story arc for The Children of the Amulets has been bouncing around his head for years, after a particularly vivid dream, it was not until he met his children, and his middle son’s autism, that Nick knew who his characters would be. The book was written, as so many are, in whatever spare moments he could find, and has been evolving into its current form for the last six years.

Nick is an avid skier, canoeist, and hiker, and is learning to love the physical world once more after a spinal condition sidelined him for two years. While he no longer spends as much time in the Rocky Mountains as he would like, he loves watching his children as they get to explore new places in the world, and he draws on those new experiences to build the world and characters found in his book.